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Day 267/365: Another Day in the Life

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This is how I started my morning:  Within half an hour of sitting at my desk, I was handed an inmate request for mental health services.  The inmate clerk who gave it to me said, “He’s waiting outside.  He just wrote it.”  I looked at the form.  It read, “Ergent!  Emergency having problems need to see my doctor ASAP!!!”

Naturally, I had to get him into my office right away and find out the nature of his emergency.  I didn’t know what to expect, but once he started talking, I really had to start thinking about all the different ways to do my job properly.  Because what he was telling me was that, last night, someone took advantage of him in a sexually inappropriate manner, and it wasn’t another inmate.


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One thought on “Day 267/365: Another Day in the Life

  1. I do not envy your job, but it is good the inmates have someone to come to.

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