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Day 269/365: The Problem With Having Two Homes

This morning I got up early to drive back to the Ventura homestead, and I thought I’d packed everything I needed:  my purse, my laptop, my knitting.  That would have been enough, except that it was too hot to knit this afternoon and I decided that I felt like coloring, instead.  I had a coloring book and some pencils that I’d left here in Ventura a few weeks ago, and I was enjoying some peaceful coloring time when…  the tip of my colored pencil broke off.  And then the next one.  And the next one.  And I couldn’t find a single pencil sharpener.  Because they were all up at the Morro Bay house.





Day 238/365: New Coloring Book and No Time to Color

I got home this evening around 6 PM after a long day in the joint and was pleasantly surprised to find that my new coloring book had arrived.


Unfortunately, I was also scheduled to run 60 minutes today for half marathon training.  So I went out and did that, and then I came home and stretched, and then I made dinner, ate it, cleaned up, put together my lunch for tomorrow, and now it’s ten minutes to my bedtime.

I think I’ll go color.

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Day 224/365: My Friday Before Florida

I just got home from work and wanted to make sure I wrote today’s blog entry before we leave Morro Bay for Ventura.  I still have to pack, and we’ve got a lot of traveling ahead of us.  Tomorrow morning we have to be on the road by 4 AM to give us enough time to make our 7 AM flight out of LAX to Orlando.  I still have to decide what knitting project I’m going to take with me.  And whether the coloring book and pencils should come along, too.



Day 223/365: The Monday Before My Friday

This week I’m only working two 10-hour days because we’ll be flying to Florida on Thursday.  Yesterday was my regular day off, today was my Monday, and tomorrow is my Friday.  I stayed late at work today because I’m essentially cramming in a week’s worth of work in two days.

I have, however, found a new way to decompress and relax after spending all day in the state penitentiary.  I color in a coloring book.  Have you heard of these new coloring books for adults?  I purchased mine last month at a local bookstore in Morro Bay and have been quietly filling in portions of pages, a little at a time.  I thought about bringing it along on Thursday to pass the time at the airport and on the plane, but I may feel too self-conscious coloring in public.  Knitting, on the other hand, I could do easily and not care if anyone stared at me.