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Day 364/365: The Second to Last Day

I got home late from work tonight, and then I had to write out a grocery list, go to the supermarket, shop for food, come home, put away the groceries, and make dinner.  Poor Sean is sick with the same bug that I had a few days ago, but he is trying to be tough and not take any pills like I did.  Dinner was comfort food of homemade mashed potatoes, peas and corn, and fried chicken that I purchased from the supermarket deli.  By the time we finished eating and I tidied the kitchen to a reasonable state, it was 8:30 PM, half an hour away from my bedtime. I still had to write today’s blog post.

I sat and stared at the computer for a little bit, typed up a few words, read what I wrote, and then deleted the whole thing.

“I got nothing,” I told Sean, who was stretched out on the couch with a book.  “Day 364 out of 365, and I got nothing.”

Sean laughed.  “That should be your blog post,” he said.

I picked up my phone and scrolled through recent photos in the gallery.  I came across this one.  I thought it would be the perfect one to share with you tonight, on the second to last day of this year in which I made the commitment to post a blog entry every day for 365 days.


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Day 363/365: Progress

I go back to work tomorrow.  I’m feeling better today than yesterday, and I managed to crochet a few more stitches on the afghan.  So that’s progress.

I’m bummed that I was down with a virus for the majority of my Christmas break.  The good news, though, is that I only have to work two days this week.  Friday is a state holiday (New Year’s Day?!!!), and Monday is my regular day off.  Hopefully, I’ll be a lot healthier and stronger then.




Day 362/365: Yarn Tails

My sore throat went away, but I’m still not one hundred percent well.  I’ve been trying to take it easy and managed to crochet a few more rows on the Coastal Ripples afghan.  I like the range of tones and the overall color palette, but there is one major drawback to changing strands of yarn every two rows:

Loose ends.

I really need to get better about weaving them in sooner rather than later.



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Day 360/365: Boxing Day

I wanted to ride my new bike today and test it out on the Black Hill trail, but I started having a sore throat late last night.  When I got up this morning, I knew I’d caught a bug.  I tried to ward off further symptoms by downing Wellness Formula pills and Zicam tablets and Halls cough drops all day, but at this point now I’m pretty sure it’s a virus and I can’t stop it.

Sean and I did leave the house this afternoon to run a couple of errands and grab some lunch, and when we got back home, I noticed how much our little front yard has been thriving.  The rain from the past week did a lot to bring some life back into my plants.


I’m not much of a gardener– I prefer the overgrown wilderness look.  I think it makes a better habitat for my gnomes.

Wouldn’t you agree?