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Day 25/365: Luchador Napkins! And The Day We Disposed of the Old Toilet


Remember this fabric I purchased the day I was dismissed from jury duty?  I made them into cocktail napkins!


Back in November, I took a napkin sewing class at Picking Daisies and learned how to sew fabric napkins with mitered corners.  It was on a Saturday afternoon, and Sean drove out to meet me for lunch.  He came into the classroom at the back of the shop just as I was finishing the second napkin.


“Look, Sean!”  I held up the square of fabric to show him the neatly hemmed edges and mitered corners.  “Check it out.”


He reached for the napkin and grinned.  “How did you know?  I was just feeling like I had to sneeze.”


We went to lunch, and you can guess who picked up the tab.

* * *

On a separate note, today’s adventure involved driving out to Los Osos to look for the County’s community toilet recycling center, to dispose of the old toilet that Sean replaced yesterday.

Here is a photo of Old Broken Wing, posing for the blog at my request.  The broken elbow didn’t need to be set in a cast because it wasn’t a displaced bone, but he is supposed to be wearing a sling on that right arm.  Then again, he is supposed to be resting that arm, and not doing things like changing out old toilets and lugging them to recycling centers.


Sean says, “Look at all these planters!”



Day 24/365: The Day We Got a New Toilet



Our house, which we bought in 2012, was built in 1983.  It has three bathrooms, which is nice, but none of the toilets are the low-flow kind, which is not as nice, because that means a higher water bill every month.  A few days after we had moved into the house, Sean started talking about switching out the old toilets for new low-flow ones.  I was on board because it would mean conserving water and a lower monthly utility bill.  But he never got around to doing it.  A couple of years passed, and then the subject came up again this morning.

“I’m thinking about replacing at least one of the toilets today.  I might go to Ace Hardware and see if I can lift one,” old Broken Wing said.  “But what would I do with the old toilet?”

“Call the Habitat for Humanity Restore,” I suggested.  “Maybe they take old toilets.”

He looked up the local Restore’s phone number and called.  The answer was no, they only accepted low-flow toilets.

He set the phone down and looked out the window at our back yard.  “Well, you know what that means.”

I knew where this conversation was heading.  We’d had this talk before.

“No,” I said.  “Absolutely not.  We are not going to have a toilet bowl planter in the back yard.”

“Okay, then.  So that’s a yes on a toilet bowl planter in the front yard.  Even better.”

I kept on knitting and let that one go.  I wasn’t about to stop the installation of a brand new water-conserving toilet that would save me a few dollars on my utility bill.

I don’t think he’s really serious about the toilet bowl planter, but then again, you never know.  This is a guy who, after that conversation, went to the hardware store, purchased a modern low-flow toilet, brought it home without any assistance, removed the old one, lugged it outside, and installed the new one himself, all with a broken elbow and essentially with the use of one hand.