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Week 7/52: Cherimoya Progress

I’ve added a few more rows to the granny stripe afghan, but I don’t want to bore you with more of the same crocheted afghan photos this week.  Instead I’ll give you an update on another (sort of) handmade project that I started last year.

Remember my cherimoya seedlings that I grew from the seeds that I’d saved after eating the fruit?

They’d gotten to the point where it was time to separate them into their own little containers.


I’m still kind of amazed that I managed to grow these little plants from seeds.  I usually manage to kill even the most basic indoor houseplant.  If I can get these little guys to outgrow their containers and actually strong enough to plant in our backyard, that will be a huge accomplishment.  I’ll keep you posted.



Day 236/365: My Cherimoya Seedlings


Back in June, when my mom was visiting from Hawaii, I purchased a locally grown cherimoya fruit for us to eat as a snack.  “Save the seeds,” my mom said.  “You can grow your own tree from them.”

I followed her directions and wrapped the seeds in a few layers of damp paper towels that I then sealed in a plastic sandwich bag and set on the windowsill.  After several weeks, a few of the seeds had sprouted.  This is what they looked like.


Isn’t that neat?  I’m hoping to nurture these little seedlings and coax them into becoming a stronger plant that will eventually be big enough to plant in the yard.  In the meantime, I’m very tickled with these little sprouts that I planted in a blue Fiestaware teacup.