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Day 312/365: The 2015 Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay

We did it!  We successfully finished our second half marathon of the year.


Everyone has their reasons for training to run a marathon or a half marathon.  Some people want to set PRs (personal records).  Some like having the sense of accomplishment; others go for the experience and to run with friends.  And then there’s me.  I just like to eat.

Post-race breakfast!

Post-race breakfast!


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Day 311/365: The Saturday Before The Big Event


This afternoon we left Morro Bay and drove up to Monterey Bay for the Big Sur Half Marathon tomorrow.  I brought the Cabin Fever sock and knitted during the drive, finishing the sock in the first hour.  I didn’t bring any other knitting projects, so now I have to find other ways to entertain myself.

Speaking of entertainment, I thought this was amusing:  Our hotel room is old school fancy.  There is a gas fireplace and a cathedral ceiling with solid wood beams.  There is also a telephone within easy reach from the toilet.  You know, for those times when you’ve got to take care of business– while you’re taking care of business.  Tee hee.


P.S. We went down to the front desk to ask about staying another night and were informed that we could, but Day 2 we’d be housed across the way in their other, newly renovated building.  Apparently, renovations for our current building start tomorrow.

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Day 256/365: The 2015 Ventura Half Marathon


This year’s finisher’s medal

We did it.  We completed the half marathon this morning.  13.1 miles, plus an extra 5 miles that we walked today, getting to the event, getting back home, going out for breakfast, going out to lunch, and later walking to the Ventura Promenade so I could take photos for the blog.

All I can say now is Owww.  And I’m hungry.  Again.




Day 255/365: The Day Before the Ventura Half Marathon

Well, tomorrow is the Ventura Half Marathon.  We’ll have to get up at 5 AM, and we’ll probably be starting the race around 6:45 AM.  I will be asking myself why the hell am I doing this, especially around mile eight or nine or ten, when I’m hot and tired and sore, and the faster runners have already turned around at the halfway point and are making their way back.  So think of me around 9 AM, Pacific Standard Time, and send good vibes so that I can get through those last three miles and make it to the finish line.



Day 4/365: Mexican Wrestling Mask Quilted Placemat

What's this?  They made a fabric with pictures of my family on it?

What’s this? They made a fabric with pictures of my family on it?

When Sean and I ran the Ventura Half Marathon back in September, we saw a guy running in bare feet and a Mexican wrestling mask.  We had about half a mile left in the race, and I was tired.  Seeing this guy effortlessly skim by in bare feet and wrestling mask, I was impressed.  And inspired.  We’d been running for two hours and thirty-five minutes at that point, and it was the half marathon.  This guy’s race bib indicated that he was finishing up the marathon.  That’s 26.2 miles, people.  In bare feet and a Mexican wrestling mask.  Finishing in under two hours and forty minutes.  Sean and I looked at each other, and we were like, There goes a badass motherfucker.  And then we started sprinting like crazy.

For part of my Christmas gift, Sean surprised me by choosing assorted yards of fabric from one of my favorite local independent shops.  This Mexican wrestling mask print is one of those fabrics.  I knew I had to make something that we’d use and see all the time.  A dining table placemat made sense.  Doesn’t everybody want to eat a meal with a badass motherfucker?

The easy part:  You sew your blocks together and quilt them the fast and lazy way.

The easy part: You sew your blocks together and quilt them the fast and lazy way.

The harder part:  Preparing the binding and then sewing it on.

The harder part: Preparing the binding and then sewing it on.

Ta-da!  Finished quilted placemat.

Ta-da! Finished quilted placemat.

This guy says, "I like it."

This guy says, “I like it.”