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Day 295/365: Avocado Seedling

I haven’t been able to make much progress on my sock over the last few days.  I’ve only knitted a couple of rows, and it wouldn’t make for a very interesting photo.  So here is something more interesting instead.  Remember my avocado seed that I’d been attempting to sprout?

It’s coming up nicely.


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Day 274/365: The Sprouting Avocado Seed

This week I have been alternating between knitting a few rows on the Green Print sock and knitting a couple of rows on the Cherry Cola afghan.  I knit using the Continental style along with the magic loop method.  Combined, the two approaches make for faster knitting.  Still, it’s slow going.  I could share pictures of my progress, but they would be pretty boring photos.  Luckily, I discovered something very cool this afternoon when I got home, so I’ll share a photo of that instead.

My avocado seed is sprouting!