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Day 357/365: Thumbprint Jam Shortbread Cookies

I have to work tomorrow, but only for six hours.  This year, the governor came through again, and full-time Department of Corrections employees received four hours of leave that can be used either on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.  I’ll be using my four hours tomorrow afternoon and leaving at 2 PM, after my Lifers Support Group is over.  I could easily just cancel the group, but I know those guys enjoy the hour of support and discussion, and it seems to me that they would especially want to meet on the day before a major holiday.

Anyway, leaving after 2 PM tomorrow means that I don’t have to start until 8 AM, which means that I’m able to stay up a little later tonight and bake these cookies to bring to work.


They are simple shortbread cookies made with two sticks of butter, 2/3 cup of sugar, 2 cups of flour, and a teaspoon of almond extract.  I like to fill the centers with cherry preserves, but you can use whatever jam or jelly you prefer.


They are a favorite among the correctional officers who do the pat-downs and searches on inmates who come into our building (and into my office), so I am definitely making sure those officers get their own bags of cookies.




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Day 196/365: Handmade and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once in a while, I’ll bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch and bring them to work.  It makes for good relationships with my co-workers who carry the badges and batons.  Plus, it increases my chances that they’ll come running to my aid if I ever need to hit my Personal Alarm Device in an emergency.

So I made these tonight.


Anyway, I thought you would enjoy a change from the boring old sock-in-progress photos.


I would share with you if I could.