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Day 353/365: Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

A few months ago, the city of Morro Bay started implementing plans to build a bike park right next to my neighborhood.


The photo above is an old one.  They’ve made a lot of progress since it was taken, and the packed dirt hills have been calling my name every time I drive by.  The new park is supposed to open in 2016.  So when Sean asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, the tomboy little kid in me who never owned a bike in childhood said, “I want a BMX bike.”

Hence, this happened this afternoon:


The box was delivered to the house a few days ago, and Sean decided to put it together today.


After it was assembled, he let me ride it for a test drive down the street.  And then promptly took it back and said I have to wait for Christmas Day.

The little kid in me can’t wait.


Day 350/365: Frozen Yogurt in December

Sean and I are both full-time state employees at two different locations that are three counties away from each other and about 160 miles apart (one of us works on the Central Coast and the other in Southern California).  This means living in two separate homes during the week and seeing each other over the weekends and holidays.  Since Sean is a university professor, he gets summer and winter breaks.  That’s when we’re able to see each other for longer stretches of time.

Because of a mandatory staff training this week, I’m working five 8-hour days instead of the usual four 10s.  Sean’s teaching schedule ended last week, so he’s been up here at the Morro Bay house for the last few days.  It’s been nice to leave work at 3 PM, get home, see my husband, and hang out together like the average married couple.

This afternoon we went out for a walk downtown and stopped to get some frozen yogurt.  Even though it was kind of too chilly to be eating a cold dessert, the whole experience was still a nice treat.


Sunset Beach Sonny Angel tagged along on this outing.


No pants! He didn’t mind the cold.

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Day 346/365: Saturday Hike

This morning I sat around and crocheted while Sean read a book; this afternoon we left the house and went for a hike up Black Hill in Morro Bay.  It was a nice balance of activities, because one of us likes to sit around and do nothing on her day off, while the other one wants to be outdoors and doing something active all the time.


At the top of the hike, to your left you have this view…


…and to the right is the ocean, Morro Rock, and Morro Bay.


Day 340/365: Beach Break

This afternoon I made the very poor choice of going out for some holiday shopping at Target and Trader Joe’s while Sean watched the 2015 MLS Cup championship game between Portland and Columbus.  What with all the waiting in line at the stores, it took me two hours to accomplish what should have been a half-hour errand.  I did witness an amusing moment at Trader Joe’s when a little girl decided to drop her baby doll on the floor in front of the dairy case.  I gathered that the little girl had gotten tired of carrying her baby and blamed it on the poor doll’s weight.  I heard the mother saying, as she stopped pushing her cart and knelt to pick up the doll, “Oh, honey, she’s not chubby.  She’s as light as a feather.”

By the time I got home, the game was over.  (Not that I really cared to watch any of it.)  Sean had been rooting for Columbus, and they lost.  We both decided a walk would be a good idea.  We headed out for the Promenade and enjoyed the view:  the beach, the ocean, surfers catching waves, the Channel Islands off in the distance, the setting sun.  It was far better than looking at a TV screen or standing in line at a box store.






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Day 339/365: Ventura Holiday Street Fair

Sean had work stuff to do on Friday evening, so I drove down from Morro Bay to Ventura this morning.  We ate a late breakfast at The Golden Egg Cafe and then checked out the downtown Ventura Holiday Street Fair on Main Street.  There were your usual booths of assorted handmade crafts and various commercial vendors, and then there was the UniProShow.


See those knives on the bottom left hand corner?  He juggled them.




I don’t have any photos of him juggling three knives because I was so absorbed in watching that part of the show that I forgot to take a picture.  Sometimes you just have to set aside the camera and enjoy the experience in real time.


Day 319/365: Rain!

It actually rained today.  Even though it didn’t last for very long, this was still a big deal to me and Sean because we are in the middle of a drought here in California.  Also, it was nice to put on long sleeves and dress for chillier weather.

And I got to bring out my pretty pink umbrella.


We walked downtown to get some lunch, and I couldn’t help stopping to take a photo of this.  It is yet another reason why I love the city of Ventura.

Hope you have been enjoying a nice weekend, as well!



Day 313/365: The Day After Monterey

Boy, has it been a long day.  Sean and I got up early in Monterey, went out for breakfast, returned to the hotel, packed up, and checked out.  Then we got in The Rental and headed back down to Morro Bay.

Sadly, I’d neglected to bring along a work in progress that I could knit.  So I watched the scenery go by, and I took some photos for the blog.

I thought the low clouds in the distance looked pretty neat.


Gray skies and clouds


There was actual rain!


Passenger-side view. Call me a nerd, but I really liked the way those clouds just hovered so closely over the ground.

When we got back to the Morro Bay house, we were both pretty tired, but we still had to drive 150 miles more down to Ventura.  Sean had to teach the next day, and I had to get my allergy shot in Oxnard.  So we ate lunch, took care of a few things around the house (laundry, dishes, mail), and then got ready to head back down to the Ventura apartment.

I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and spotted my Swatch on a side table.  I thought, I’m going to need that, and I put it on.  Then we grabbed our stuff and headed out.

When we got to Ventura, it was a lot warmer than it had been in Morro Bay and Monterey.  I took off my hoodie and my long-sleeved shirt, and then I noticed my wrist.


I’d put on my Swatch when I’d already been wearing my Garmin under my long sleeve.

I think that about sums up my day and my state of mind.