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Progress Report and Socks

Wow, my last post was in August of last year.  Re-reading that entry, I could see I was kind of depressed back then.  A lot has happened since I wrote that post.  In October we started a major remodel on our house, which included (among other things) knocking out an upstairs wall, updating the kitchen, converting our basement into a spare room/office, pulling up the old carpet, installing new floors, painting the interior, tearing down the backyard deck and stairs, and building a new one.  This remodel involved me having to pack up a bunch of stuff (like we were moving) and living in essentially a construction site.  We finally said goodbye to the crew in March and got settled in by mid-April.

I posted a lot of photos on Facebook and Instagram.  You can find me on Instagram under my blog name (365dayshandmade).  Add me and say hi!  (I should also mention that I block any follower who looks like a shop just trying to get my business, so please make sure to let me know it’s you.)

I started knitting socks again a couple weeks ago, and thought I’d share this story.  Friday night I pulled these old socks out of the washing machine and noticed one had a snag in the cuff and had started to unravel. I thought, NBD, I’ll just frog a couple rows and knit it back up. Turned out that I originally knit that sock from the cuff down, meaning I had to unravel the WHOLE sock and start over. I wasn’t going to throw it out. So I unraveled the entire sock and knit it into a new one, but from the toe up this time. I put in a short row heel (the fish lips kiss heel pattern). Sean asked me if I planned to re-do the other sock and I think probably not. It’s kind of neat to see the difference between my sock knitting in 2004 (cuff down, flap heel, using DPNs) vs. the present (toe up, short row heel, using one long needle with Magic Loop method).  The re-done sock (on the right) is looking a little crunchy because I didn’t bother to wash and straighten the frogged yarn before I started knitting.

Hope you’re enjoying a happy Sunday!



4th Anniversary?!

According to WordPress, today is my 4th anniversary of having this account.  I realized some time ago that I hadn’t posted a single blog entry all year and I kept meaning to do something about that, so today seems a good day to start writing again.

I’ve been crocheting, cross-stitching, and making beaded jewelry over the last few months, but I’ve only taken photos of one completed project.  It’s the Cupcake Blanket designed by Lucy at Attic 24.  The colors are sweet and lovely and go well with my chair that Sean painted pink for me a couple months ago.  I also like the cute scalloped edging on the blanket.  I want to use the same edging for the next blanket I finish, but at the rate I’m going, it may not be for a few more months.



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Week 51/52: Christmas Eve Eve


I was on the fence about continuing this blog.  Then I got an email that WordPress automatically renewed my account for another year.  My credit card’s been charged and I’m paid up, so what the hell, I might as well keep going.

I’ve still been crocheting and knitting, and I recently picked up cross stitch again.  The pattern for the font and Christmas balls that you see above are from Julie Jackson’s newest Subversive Cross Stitch book.  I also made the ornament below.

I’ve got a list of profanity-laced expressions that I’m planning to cross stitch and frame in the near future.  I’ll share them with you if I get inspired to take photos and post again.  In the meantime, hope you all have lovely plans for the holidays!



Week 20/52: Ripples and Granny Squares

So last week I had the misfortune of being without a laptop because my motherboard died, and I had to take my PC to the repair shop.  I could have posted the week’s entry through my smartphone, but I was feeling like I didn’t really have anything interesting or new to share.  I was still crocheting, still making the stripey blanket and the granny stripe afghan.  I also made more progress on the Attic 24 Cottage Blanket.


In the middle of all this afghan-crocheting, I’d been wanting to make one out of granny squares.  The last one I made was this one, and it took me forever to finally weave in all the loose ends.  Anyway, it had been on my mind to crochet an afghan inspired by Zeens and Roger’s Crochet Circles in a Square Blanket.  So last weekend I started this:


I imagine it will make a very pretty blanket when it’s all done– if I ever finish…


Week 17/52: A Couple of Knitted Things

Two weeks ago, I started knitting a scarf and then a hand towel and then another scarf.  Then I went back to crocheting my afghans, and the knitted stuff got set aside.  I made more progress on the As We Go stripey blanket this week, but I’m feeling like it would be too boring and redundant to share more photos of that today.  So here are a couple of knitted things from my pile of WIPs.

A yet-to-be-blocked lace scarf in Noro yarn:


Moss stitch grid pattern hand towel in cotton/linen/viscose yarn from the stash:



Week 16/52: Afghans in Progress

So I’m back to my obsession with crocheting afghans.  I’ve been alternating between these two.  And I still have two others on the back burner, waiting to be finished.  There’s a part of my brain that’s encouraging me to start some granny squares, and I’m trying really hard to resist.  Plus, I’ve already got like a million yarn tails to weave in…