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Day 123/365: Rest Day


Yesterday was such a long, active day that Sean and I pretty much did nothing today.  We walked downtown for lunch at a Thai restaurant, but aside from that, we just hung around at home and read and looked at things on the internet.

I decided to start a new project to break the pink monotony of my Bubblegum Pound of Love shell stitch afghan.


This yarn is Red Heart Soft Baby Steps, picked out of the yarn stash.  It’s a much softer and thicker acrylic than the Lion Brand Pound of Love.  The variegated colors are also a lot more interesting to look at– dark brown, tan, pink.  I also love the name of this particular colorway:  Cherry Cola.  So far, it’s been the perfect choice of yarn and a pleasant crocheting experience for a lazy Sunday like this one.


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2 thoughts on “Day 123/365: Rest Day

  1. Lovely Neapolitan.

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