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Day 131/365: Back to the Bubblegum

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I’d been crocheting this Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Cherry Cola afghan, but just as I feared, I ran out of yarn.  I was able to find more skeins on eBay, but my order hasn’t arrived yet.  So I went back to the Lion Brand Pound of Love Bubblegum afghan.  I made a little more progress today and added several more rows.

The other thing I did with this particular afghan was take the large unwieldy ball of pink yarn and run it through my Knit Picks ballwinder.  So I went from this:


Pound of Love ball of yarn on 4.23.2015

To this:


Remaining half a Pound of Love?

Now it’s so much neater, and I don’t have to keep stopping to roll the ball over and unwind more yarn.  I think I should be done with this project in a few days, if I keep going and not decide to start a new sock, which I am considering…



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