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Day 138/365: The Day Sean Turned 45

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Today was Sean’s 45th birthday.  Since he pretty much indulges my whims and obsessions during the other 364 days of the year, I let him choose what we would do and where we would eat today.  So after breakfast at a nice local café that had outdoor patio seating, we walked through downtown Ventura and up to Grant Park for an easy hike through the Ventura Botanical Gardens trail.


Compared to the peaks and trails that I hiked with Roberta in San Luis Obispo county, today’s trail was a leisurely walk.


Downtown Ventura, the pier, and the Pacific Ocean.

The view was no less beautiful than the others, though.


We have a home down there.  In a neighborhood to the left of downtown.

The other important thing about today is that it officially marks the beginning of summer for Sean.  He graded his students’ finals last week, and the university held its commencement exercises this past Saturday.  He won’t have to return to work until twelve weeks from now, in August.  So it’s been a pretty happy day for him altogether.


Sean says, “Bright summer ahead!”


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