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Week 17/52: A Couple of Knitted Things


Two weeks ago, I started knitting a scarf and then a hand towel and then another scarf.  Then I went back to crocheting my afghans, and the knitted stuff got set aside.  I made more progress on the As We Go stripey blanket this week, but I’m feeling like it would be too boring and redundant to share more photos of that today.  So here are a couple of knitted things from my pile of WIPs.

A yet-to-be-blocked lace scarf in Noro yarn:


Moss stitch grid pattern hand towel in cotton/linen/viscose yarn from the stash:



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4 thoughts on “Week 17/52: A Couple of Knitted Things

  1. Is that here a pattern for the washcloth? I really like the grid pattern. That yarn you used is sooooo nice.

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