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Day 322/365: Mitered Squares… Pillowcase?



So here is my progress on the knitted mitered squares blanket.  It currently measures 23″ by 15″.  I have to be honest with you– I’m not sure where I’m going with this thing.  Should I just turn it into a slip-on cover for a throw pillow?  Make it a baby blanket?  Set it aside and work on something else?

I am really trying to resist starting a new project since part of the reason I started this blog was to get myself to finish all of my works-in-progress by the end of the year.  There are only about 43 days left in 2015…


Author: FC5

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4 thoughts on “Day 322/365: Mitered Squares… Pillowcase?

  1. This would look so nice as a regular blanket. Could you set aside certain days a week to work on other projects so you don’t get bogged down on days you are not loving this one?

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  2. This is coming along really nicely 🙂 I think it’d look just as nice as a pillow cover too but I’d love to see it as a throw too! As you’re strapped for time could you turn it into a pillow cover in a way that’s easy to undo?

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