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Day 215/365: The Day We Got A New Front Door


We’re getting our house painted this week, so I took the opportunity to ask for a new front door, which resulted in commiting a big chunk of today to obtaining the door.  We had to go to the Home Depot in San Luis Obispo, rent a truck for an hour, pick out the right door, bring it home, drive the truck back to Home Depot before our hour was up (stopping beforehand to fill the gas tank), and then look at hardware and knobs and door-installing tools.  When we got back home, Sean did most of the rest of the work, but I did help a little, like hold the door steady while he used the skillsaw to trim 3/8 of an inch off the bottom.


Before: The old blue door with blistered paint, courtesy of the previous homeowners.


After: Fresh new front door!

Now the door is up and I am pretty excited about picking out a paint color for it.  I wonder if bright pink would work?


Speaking of paint colors, Sean painted these color swatches for me so that I could pick a shade for the exterior.  I made him paint those vertical stripes on the top, so that I could compare colors.  Later, when the paint was dry, he pointed to those stripes and said, “You see this?  This shows the mark of a very patient husband.”

I should also mention that after he hung the door for me, he went and washed the dishes and cooked us a dinner of penne pasta and putanesca.  So I thought I would repay the favor by writing today’s blog entry about him.


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2 thoughts on “Day 215/365: The Day We Got A New Front Door

  1. Awesome!!! Your “Merry Maids” may have to take another trip …. Hahahahaha!!

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