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Day 69/365: New Crocheted Afghan


I finished this little yellow afghan and sent it to a friend yesterday.  (And in case you were wondering what I decided, I went with no edging.)  I am still on a mission to use up yarn from my stash, so I decided to crochet another quick baby blankie to give away.

I crocheted a chain of 145 stitches and started a lacy strawberry pattern that incorporated a scalloped edging.


Like so.

Then I decided that it wouldn’t do for a baby afghan.  So I ripped it all out and started a new pattern, this time with a shell stitch.  It actually turned out kind of nice, so I think I’m sticking with it.  For now.


Pretty, right?

Oh, P.S. I used my KnitPicks ballwinder to change that skein into a more attractive flat-bottomed ball.  In case you noticed the difference between the two photos.  Because I’m a little compulsive like that.


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6 thoughts on “Day 69/365: New Crocheted Afghan

  1. I like it too. I have been thinking about getting one of those ball winders, I have trouble getting the tail out of the right end of the skien and I don’t want to use the outside thread. Do you like yours?

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  2. Got my ball winder! Do you mind if I ask you a question on it. I wound from a normal skien and it looked great. But when I starting using the new ball the thread was coming out all twisted, not tangled, just annoying. Does that ever happen to you? When I wound it I used the thread on the outside of the skien and put it in a box to keep it from bouncing around.

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  3. Yep, that has happened to me before. I wonder if it has to do with the weight of the yarn (super fine vs. medium, for example), tension (how tightly or loosely the ball is wound), and fiber content (such as wool vs. acrylic). Now I just tend to use the yarn from the outside of the ball, rather than from the inside. I haven’t had any problems recently.

    I do have to say, isn’t it fun winding the ball, though?


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