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Day 67/365: To Edge or Not to Edge?


Yes, I know.  I should have been resting the arm and shoulder when it hurt from so many hours of knitting and crocheting, but I was so close to finishing my project.  Well, actually, I was so close to running out of yarn that I figured, what the hell, I’m gonna keep on truckin’ until I finish this thing.

My primary intent in starting this particular afghan was to quickly use up yarn from the stash and turn it into something useful.  This particular yarn is Caron Simply Soft, and the name of the color is Sunshine.  I had two 7 oz. skeins that I knew would produce something the size of either a baby blanket or a small shawl.

After I ran out of yarn, I thought it looked kind of plain and needed something to fancy it up a little.  So I added a simple shell border.  But now I don’t know.  Do you think it looks better with or without the edging?


Before: Without a border. I think it looks clean and simple this way.



After: With a white shell border. Now it looks a little more old-fashioned, I think.



Author: FC5

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6 thoughts on “Day 67/365: To Edge or Not to Edge?

  1. I like it better without the edging.

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  2. This is gorgeous, the colour is just darling!

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  3. It’s looks really sunny & cheerful

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  5. Better without the edging. What pattern is that? I love it!!

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    • Thanks! The pattern was just a repeating shell stitch that I found in one of my crochet books. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember which one– I made that back in March and then gave it away…


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