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Day 81/365: The Day I Finished My Short Crocheted Table Runner



Remember these three orphan balls from the stash?


I took that ball of white yarn there on the left and started this:


It was an inexpensive acrylic yarn that I’d had for a very long time.  I just wanted to use it up and turn it into something prettier than a lone orphan ball that was sitting forgotten in the stash.

Several inches along into the project, I realized I was going to run out of yarn pretty soon, and it would be way too short for a scarf.  But never mind.  It would do as a table runner.


A short one, as it turns out.  Which is okay, because all you have to do is throw a plant on the table, and everyone will be looking at that instead.




Author: FC5

Happily married and childfree by choice. Licensed clinical psychologist at a state prison for men. I work four 10-hour days in exchange for a 3-day weekend, every weekend. Outside of that, I appreciate my freedom and enjoy a life of various creative pursuits.

2 thoughts on “Day 81/365: The Day I Finished My Short Crocheted Table Runner

  1. How can I get the pattern to your Short crocheted table runner


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