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Day 96/365: Prepping for the Week

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I mentioned before that Sean and I will be going to Minneapolis this week.  We’ll be attending the AWP Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center and flying out of LAX on Thursday morning.  Which means that I will be working only two days this week:  tomorrow and Wednesday, and after I put in my 10-hour day on Wednesday, I’ll be leaving San Luis Obispo and driving the 150 miles back down to the Ventura homestead, in order to get on the road to Los Angeles first thing Thursday morning and make our flight.  Wednesday and Thursday are going to be loooong days, I already know.

I spent today doing the laundry, packing, and trying to remember everything I will need for the trip.  Knitting helps me think, and I was able to finish this sock.  With all the traveling ahead of me this week, I should be finishing at least another pair of socks.  Thank goodness they’re so portable.


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