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Day 97/365: So Close to Being Done


This is a pair of nearly finished socks.  I would already be done with both of them, except that I decided to go back and rip out the cuff of the first sock.


To refresh your memory, here is a photo of the first sock before I ripped out that cuff.  Even though the sock was done and I could have just left it alone, I didn’t like the way the ribbing started too high up on the leg.  It created a weird bulgy effect when I tried on the sock.


So I ripped out the cuff in order to adjust the length of stockinette and ribbing.  Now I am trying to match the cuffs to each other and hoping both socks will be about the same length.  The stripes don’t match up at all, but I’m beyond caring about that.  I just want to make sure I get these done before Minneapolis.  And in a few days, I’ll tell you why, I promise.

4.7.2015 (2)


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3 thoughts on “Day 97/365: So Close to Being Done

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  2. love my socks! they are filled with magic like the afghan for tovie!

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