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Day 111/365: New Crocheted Afghan

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The thing about working a ten-hour day is that if I leave the office after 6 PM, I seem to have just enough time to drive home, check the mail, change out of my work clothes, wash dishes from the morning’s breakfast and the day’s lunch, get dinner started, go through my email while dinner is cooking, eat dinner, talk to Sean on the phone, prepare tomorrow’s lunch, and compose the day’s blog post before it is already my 9 PM bedtime.

In other news, I started this afghan.  It is the same shell stitch as this previous pink and yellow afghan.  I’m working with a pound of yarn.  Literally.  This is Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in Bubblegum.  I’m very curious to see exactly how big an afghan I will be able to produce out of 16 ounces or 454 grams of this stuff, which according to the label is 1020 yards or 932 meters of yarn.  I’ll keep you posted.


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