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Day 115/365: Being Married This Long Means Having Your Own Damn Box of Chocolates


This week the old speaker dock for my iPod died, which bummed me out because I like having music playing around the house.  So today Sean and I drove down to San Luis Obispo for lunch and a trip to Best Buy for new speakers.

After we made our purchase and headed out to the car, I told Sean, “I’m going to See’s Candies.”  Which was conveniently located right across the parking lot in the same shopping center.  I am a huge fan of the See’s box of Nuts and Chews.  I could eat a whole one-pound box of Nuts and Chews over a weekend, but I have to pace myself to make the candy last at least four days.  It’s a good exercise in restraint.

“I’ll come with you,” Sean said.

“I’m going to buy one box of Nuts and Chews,” I said.  “I can buy you a lollipop, or a box of lollipops, or your own box of chocolates.  Anything you want in the store.”

“No, thanks,” Sean said.  “You don’t have to buy me any candy.  I’ll just have some of yours.”

“No,” I told him.  “There’s not going to be any sharing.  If you want some chocolates, I will buy you your own box of Nuts and Chews, but you can’t have any of mine.”

“Wow,” Sean said.  “I guess we’ve been married that long.  That was a reverse scenario.  That’s something you picked up from me, isn’t it?”

Because yes, in the past I was the one saying, “I’ll just have some of your fries,” (or cake, or frozen yogurt, or any of a million things) and Sean going, “No.  I will buy you your own, but you can’t have some of mine.”

I guess we have been married that long.


His and hers boxes of chocolate.  You can guess which one I’ll be eating.  And not sharing.



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3 thoughts on “Day 115/365: Being Married This Long Means Having Your Own Damn Box of Chocolates

  1. I’m at 19 myself and I agree… I have taken to only buying treats he doesn’t like…

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    • How are you doing? With the socks or hummingbird project? Or your health, or life in general? Just checking in! Haven’t seen you post since April– unless I missed some entries? Anyway, hope all is well with you!


      • Hey There! I have missed you as well. I am so behind on reading your blog. I sat down yesterday and read in reverse. LOL. I have been crazy busy at work and we have had a ton of puppy drama. so no sewing or knitting. But I am resolved to get back at it tonight. I feel like I fell off the wagon (so to speak).

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