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Day 60/365: How to Upcycle an Old Bureau into a Shabby Chic Beach Cottage Credenza



As you know, on Valentine’s Day I found this little gem and rescued it from the trash.  I gave it a makeover and shared a sneak peek.  I promised a big reveal in two weeks, so today I give you the full deets!  (Click on each photo to enlarge.)

The poor little bureau only had two working drawers, and they were missing their knobs:


Narrowly missed being sent to the landfill!

I bought some aqua paint (Clark + Kensington Good Life) and four faceted glass knobs, and then I got to work.


Paint ($10, but free to me because Sean paid) + glass knobs (4 x $6 each) = A damn good deal for the final product, if you ask me.

I put wood putty over the extra holes in the front of each drawer, and then I painted them.


Sean built a shelf into the empty space where the missing drawer would have gone.  He also drilled a couple of new holes into the top drawer for me.


Empty, hollow, and a little sad.


Getting measured for a new shelf…


… and waiting to dry.

I was hoping for a nice sunny day today where we could carry the bureau out to the backyard for a pretty photo shoot.  Of course it was overcast all day and rained instead.

At about 5 PM, I’d had enough waiting and decided to take photos on the front porch, clouds and rain be damned.  It did sprinkle a little, but I think the bureau did a nice job posing for the grand reveal.

And here it is, in all its upcycled glory:









I think it would make a great credenza for the TV, DVD player, and DVDs.  It would also look great in my craft room where I store my yarn and fabrics.  Either way, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  It’s got me thinking of doing a lot more trash picking and upcycling.  Stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “Day 60/365: How to Upcycle an Old Bureau into a Shabby Chic Beach Cottage Credenza

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  2. Your bureau looks beautiful! I especially like the glass knobs.

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  3. I came across this illustrator, Vanessa Longchamp, who paints different objects that she then refers to as “pimped stuff” – thought you might enjoy her work (http://www.vanesalongchamp.com/#!pimped-stuff/c22ol).

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