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Day 152/365: Sock #2 of the Color #25 Pair, In Progress

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Turning the heel.

Right now, my mom is on a plane headed to California.  She’s coming out for my nephew’s high school graduation.  She’ll stay with my older brother and his family for a few days, and then she’ll be coming down here to Morro Bay to visit for a few days.  I’m knitting this pair of socks for her.  As you can see, I just have to turn the heel and knit the cuff, and the second sock will be done.  My mom has very small feet and can wear shoes from the children’s department, so whenever I knit a pair of socks for her, I’m usually done in no time and I get to feel like such a fast knitter.  Anyway, I’ll have her model the socks for photos when she gets here– if I can just get her to sit still long enough.


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