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Day 159/365: New (28-Year-Old) Project!

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Back in 1987, my mom started this project of blanket-stitched appliquéd motifs on 10″ x 10″ blocks.


I guess the figures are like those time-out kids that were sold at craft fairs and country stores, except these are supposed to be Asian.

Anyway, she only stuck with the project for about a year before abandoning it.  Many, many, many years later (like, last year), she came across her pile of old materials and tackled the project with renewed enthusiasm.  Especially after I told her that I would sew the blocks together for her.

Now that she’s here for her annual visit, I am being true to my word.  Initially, she just wanted me to sew the blocks side by side, but they looked too boring that way.  I told her I had another idea.  So I have been cutting fabric and sewing and piecing, and I think the completed project will look really nice.



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