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Day 176/365: Something Else That’s Going to Be Orange

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The other night I was in the kitchen and Sean was in the living room, browsing the internet on his laptop.  He made a comment about checking out the day’s blog post.  And then I heard him say, “Aw, not this same sock again!”

He used his “I’m just teasing you” voice, but I think there was some truth behind his “just kidding” dismay of seeing the orange sock again.  Because I was getting kind of sick of seeing the same sock every day, too.  So even though last night I started knitting the second sock to the pair, I decided not to take a photo of that for today’s blog entry.  Instead, this evening I took a photo of what my pumpkin seedlings look like now.  They’re the ones I wrote about in this post.  Halloween is still a few months away, but I think we’re on track for some nice fat orange pumpkins by then.



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