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Day 335/365: A Sweater Half Empty (Or Half Full?)


Here is how far I’ve gotten with the sweater.  I still have to knit the neckline and the rest of the body and figure out what I want to do with the cuffs.  It’s not an incredible amount of knitting left, but now I’m feeling like it’s time for a break.  The Coast Ripple afghan is calling to be finished.




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6 thoughts on “Day 335/365: A Sweater Half Empty (Or Half Full?)

  1. Dear Friend, yesterday and today I was in my yarn store. There is a lovely lady (as you) she tried to teach me how to knit from up to down 🙂 I started today, wish me luck! I hope I can make it. Once again Thank you for you, you are the inspiration and first master for this project. Please go on and finish yours 🙂 I wonder the completed image. Do you know crochet, you can make crochet as a lace, at the edge of neck and the bottom of the sweater… I imagine lke that. Have a nice day, love, nia

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  2. sure 🙂 I have another blog for just these kind of things, you can find there when I finished, I will inform you 🙂 You are welcome and Thank you, love, nia ( https://acupofteawithnia.wordpress.com/ )

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