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Day 204/365: The Cabin Fever Sock Gets Its Heel Turned

In between sewing and working on my quilted placemat, I’ve also been knitting a few rounds at a time on the Cabin Fever sock.  Last night I knit the gusset and the heel.  I love the feel of this yarn and the colors are so pretty (Cabin Fever is the name of the colorway), but it’s the middle of July and so humid lately that I know I won’t be wearing these wool socks any time soon.



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Day 201/365: Borders and Fronts

Over an early dinner of couscous and shrimp salad with sugar snap peas, basil, and cherry tomatoes, I was telling Sean that I still needed to write tonight’s blog post.  I wasn’t sure what to write about.

“You have a lot of borders and fronts sewed,” he said, motioning to the fabric strips draped over the back of one of the dining room chairs.

It took me a few seconds to realize what he meant by “borders and fronts.”  I’d spent the weekend cutting and sewing binding strips, as well as piecing together the nine-patch blocks that I’d shared in yesterday’s blog entry.

“Oh,” I told him, “you mean binding and quilt tops.”

He tapped his finger on the top of the quilted placemat underneath his salad bowl.  “Like I said, borders and fronts.”

* * *

Anyway, I decided not to take photos of the borders and fronts for today’s blog, mostly because I wanted to share a bright outdoor photo rather than an indoor poorly lit one.  So I went outside this evening and took pictures of my birthday angel trumpet plant and the pumpkin seedlings that are no longer seedlings but turning into full-on plants with vines.  They really loved this weekend’s rain and were very happy to soak it up.


See, don’t the plants and gnomes make for very cheery photos?


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Day 200/365: Nine-Patch Quilt Blocks

It rained last night and all morning.  Given California’s current drought, this was a big deal.  I stayed inside most of the day and sewed nine-patch quilt blocks.  It was very satisfying to go through the stacks of 4.5″ squares that I’d cut several months ago, play with combinations of colors and patterns, and piece together these colorful arrangements.  I’m thinking about making more placemats, maybe a couple of table runners, or even a small quilt.  In the meantime, aren’t they pretty?

bees and bugs



flower bouquet

flowers and asstd blues

yellow flowers

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Day 199/365: Fusion Breakfast with Handmade Placemats


Sean is the breakfast maker in our household.  He always cooks my eggs exactly the way I like them, over medium.  This morning’s eggs were so pretty that I had to take a picture of them.  As I was framing the shot, it occurred to me that a lot of objects in the photo tell you a lot of things about us.  There are the quilted placemats that I made, along with a luchador cocktail napkin that I sewed.  In the background to the left are an aqua chair that I upcycled (I should post a blog entry with Before and After photos of that project), along with a white side table that I also painted.  And Sean’s t-shirt tells you who he’s supporting in Major League Soccer.

Our meal is also reflective of our backgrounds:  you take a Filipino girl from Hawaii and a Southern boy from Florida, have them living in coastal California for a dozen years, and you’ve got a breakfast of rice, eggs, vegan sausage, and unsweetened iced tea.  Total Hawaiian-Californian-Southern fusion.  And it was good.

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Day 198/365: TGIF


For the last four weeks, we’ve had to make the 350-mile-round-trip-in-24-hours to Ventura and back to Morro Bay because of my Monday morning allergy testing appointments.  This weekend will be the first time in a month that we don’t have to do any long-distance driving.  I am so glad.  I plan to sit around the house all weekend and knit and read and clean the bathrooms and do laundry– anything but get in the car.