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Day 225/365: 1st Day of Florida

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It’s been a long day of traveling, but we are finally here.  I started knitting a sock at the airport this morning (we were at the gate by 6 AM).  I managed to knit a few inches of the foot during the flight and meant to take a photo, but forgot.  I’ll try to remember to do that tomorrow.  In the meantime, it’s time for bed.


View of the Indian River from the front lawn of Sean’s parents’ house.


Author: FC5

Happily married and childfree by choice. Licensed clinical psychologist at a state prison for men. I work four 10-hour days in exchange for a 3-day weekend, every weekend. Outside of that, I appreciate my freedom and enjoy a life of various creative pursuits.

One thought on “Day 225/365: 1st Day of Florida

  1. Nice to know you will be coming down the stairs today.

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