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Day 228/365: 4th Day in Florida, Last Day of The Trip


Hard to believe, but it was just this morning that Sean and I were waking up at the Hilton on Cocoa Beach and going out for breakfast at Bagel World in Cape Canaveral.  Now it’s almost midnight, and we’re back in Ventura on the opposite coast, having just gotten home from LAX.

This afternoon, Aunt Georgia taught me how to knit the fish lips kiss heel.  I wanted to take a photo for the blog and needed some sort of background for the sock.  Then I spotted the antique spinning wheel in front of the fireplace.


Perfect way to display a sock.


At the gate and on the plane, I knit a few more rounds of ribbing for the cuff.  It’s ready to be bound off, but that will have to wait for another day because now it’s time for bed.



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2 thoughts on “Day 228/365: 4th Day in Florida, Last Day of The Trip

  1. I like that antique spinning wheel. I love things that have a vintage kind of feel:) I like your finished socks! I cannot knit well so I love admiring people’s works:D

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