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Day 229/365: The Florida Trip Sock, Done

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I started this sock early Thursday morning at LAX and bound it off today when we returned to the Morro Bay house.  It’s the first sock I’ve made in which I knitted the fish lips kiss heel.  When I first started knitting socks, I made them from the cuff down, with heel flaps.  Then I learned how to do Judy’s Magic Cast-On and started knitting socks from the toe up.  I liked following Wendy Johnson’s gusset heel pattern because it was an easy one to remember, but I noticed that the finished sock never really fit the recipient properly unless I custom-fitted the foot part to the person, where I’d have them try it on so I could see where to start knitting the gusset.

Anyway, this sock is for my mom, whose foot measures a little over eight and a half inches, so I will probably have the second sock finished by the end of the week.  Also, I promised Aunt Georgia that I would send her photos of the completed pair, so that she would know I successfully managed the second fish lips kiss heel on my own.


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One thought on “Day 229/365: The Florida Trip Sock, Done

  1. The finished sock looks great. Haven’t you started the second sock? I sent you all the instructions you asked for. Don’t forget to post photo of the completed pair.

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