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Day 262/365: Parasol Print Cotton Luncheon Napkins


Ever since I took a fabric napkin sewing class back in November, Sean and I have completely stopped using paper napkins.  Cotton napkins are so much more nicer.  They’re not that complicated to make, either.

You wash, dry, press, and cut your fabric into 17″ by 17″ squares.  Then you press the hems.


You mark the corners where you would miter them…


…sew and snip…


Press the mitered corners and tuck the hems under…


…sew the borders, and you’re done!




Day 258/365: Birthday Gifts

My older brother is visiting from out of town.  I gave him a spare key to the house and went off to work this morning.  When I got back home ten and a half hours later, I discovered that he’d gone grocery shopping and was making dinner.  He’d also purchased a card, balloon, and assorted small gifts to wish me a happy belated birthday.  Even though tomorrow is his own birthday.

Our mom would be so proud.


I am very glad that I finished knitting his birthday socks yesterday.

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Day 256/365: The 2015 Ventura Half Marathon


This year’s finisher’s medal

We did it.  We completed the half marathon this morning.  13.1 miles, plus an extra 5 miles that we walked today, getting to the event, getting back home, going out for breakfast, going out to lunch, and later walking to the Ventura Promenade so I could take photos for the blog.

All I can say now is Owww.  And I’m hungry.  Again.




Day 255/365: The Day Before the Ventura Half Marathon

Well, tomorrow is the Ventura Half Marathon.  We’ll have to get up at 5 AM, and we’ll probably be starting the race around 6:45 AM.  I will be asking myself why the hell am I doing this, especially around mile eight or nine or ten, when I’m hot and tired and sore, and the faster runners have already turned around at the halfway point and are making their way back.  So think of me around 9 AM, Pacific Standard Time, and send good vibes so that I can get through those last three miles and make it to the finish line.


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Day 254/365: The Friday in which the Cops Order Me to Go Home

At 5:05 this afternoon, I was still at work, sitting at my desk and typing on the computer.  I had planned to leave at 5:30, but the next thing I knew, the door to the office had opened and two of the 3rd watch correctional officers were coming in from the corridor.

“What are you still doing here?” one of them demanded.  “It’s Friday.  You’re five minutes late for happy hour.”

“Go home!” the other one ordered.  “You need to have been gone.  Go on, pack up and get out of here.  I’m watching you.”

I knew these two officers well because I’d worked with them for several years now.  They liked me, and I liked them.  While neither of them were being jerks, they were both telling me what to do in a firm and authoritative manner that basically left no room for argument.  I could see how they would be very effective in handling potentially dangerous inmates.  Two uniformed officers giving me direct orders to call it a day, go home, and start my weekend?  Who was I to argue?


It’s time to start the heel! And that is a quilt that I made last year.