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Day 285/365: The Cabin Fever Sock, Revisited

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Remember back in July when I was knitting the Cabin Fever sock?  (By the way– wow, when you click on that link and see the photo, you’ll also see what the deck boards looked like before our painter refinished them.)

That was when I was still using the gusset heel pattern.  Now that I have seen the beauty of the short row heel, I decided this sock needed a do-over.

I ripped out the old heel and put in the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

cabin fever sock

I messed up a little on a few of the twin stitches and you could probably spot where, but at this point I don’t care.  What matters is that the sock fits my foot perfectly, the yarn is a beautiful colorway, and the merino wool feels really good on my foot.


Now if only this heatwave would end and October would start feeling like fall…


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