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Day 294/365: Mileage Milestone

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I got into my car this morning to leave for work and when I turned on the ignition, I noticed the nice even numbers on my mileage.


That was probably the most interesting thing I looked at all day, because I spent much of today sitting at my desk and typing up paperwork on the computer.  Our yard was on modified program because of staff training, so I wasn’t able to see patients all day.

Hope yours was a lot more fun day than mine!


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One thought on “Day 294/365: Mileage Milestone

  1. My day was better. It was early release day, so I took two munchkins to see Goose Bumps in 3-D. We were the only three in the theater. Halfway through the movie they decided to sit in the first row to see what 3-D was like close up. On the way home they took turns beat bobbing and making up rap songs. Great afternoon.


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