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Day 362/365: Yarn Tails


My sore throat went away, but I’m still not one hundred percent well.  I’ve been trying to take it easy and managed to crochet a few more rows on the Coastal Ripples afghan.  I like the range of tones and the overall color palette, but there is one major drawback to changing strands of yarn every two rows:

Loose ends.

I really need to get better about weaving them in sooner rather than later.




Author: FC5

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4 thoughts on “Day 362/365: Yarn Tails

  1. I should have missed this, I mean your throat, I hope and wish you to get well soon. You are doing great, I loved your waves… And you know, I am knitting the sweater as yours 🙂 I am doing arms now… When I finish I will share with you too. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

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  2. Your afghan looks really nice!! I love the colors! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling too good but I am glad you’re feeling better now. Stay hydrated and get rest!

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