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Day 29/365: My First Post Featuring a Crocheted Project!


I know, I know.  Almost a month into this blog, and no pictures of anything crocheted yet.  So I present to you:



(Click on any of the images to enlarge.)


A bit of a corner detail:


And another corner:


So pretty, right?  So nice and neat and perfectly aligned.


But, ah, this afghan holds a secret.

Behold the back view:


Auugggghhhh!!!!!  Unwoven ends!!!!!

Look, even closer:


Yes.  It’s shameful.  All those loose ends need to be cleaned up.  I started and got some of them done.  But it’s just not fun, man.  I’d rather be doing something else.

Anyway, there’s an easy solution.

It’s like when Sean was a little boy and he and his family went out to eat, and he made a big mess and got spaghetti sauce all over himself, and then later on, after they left the restaurant, his mom happened to glance over at him and noticed his white shirt was spotless, and she said, “How did your shirt get so clean?” and he said, “Oh, I just turned it around, see?” and then he turned around to show her his back, and sure enough, there was the dirty spaghetti sauce part of his shirt, just on the other side.

So, yeah, like that.


Author: FC5

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7 thoughts on “Day 29/365: My First Post Featuring a Crocheted Project!

  1. Very nice cuzz!!! Wow!! I must be the only one in the family that does not have the patience to do arts and crafts. I swear I have ADHD!
    I am enjoying the stories behind your creations too. Seans spaghetti shirt story is hilarious!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Juvie! Nice to know you are reading and enjoying. Not sure if Joy is aware of the blog– feel free to share the web address with her. 365dayshandmade.com


  2. P.S. Sean says, “I was a smart kid. I was a problem solver. Even then I had good critical thinking skills.”


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