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Day 13/365: Toe-Up Hand-Dyed Merino Wool Sock



Since I work four ten-hour days, every Tuesday is my Monday morning.  I’d just turned on the computer when my colleague Dr. L walked into my office.  He said, “Dr. V, you didn’t tell me on Friday that I forgot to turn my keys in.”

“What are you talking about?”  I tried to remember Friday, but it seemed like such a long time ago.

“You and I walked out together after work, remember?  And I forgot to turn my keys in.  I got home and you know by the end of the week, I’m just wiped out.  I went to bed at 8:00.  I guess I just fell into a deep sleep.  Anyway, my cell phone started buzzing around 10:00, 10:30, but I was in such a deep sleep, I didn’t pick up right away.  By the time I was able to answer the phone, whoever was calling hung up.  And then my home phone started ringing.  But like I told you, I was so tired.  I thought I’d just let the machine pick up.  But whoever was calling didn’t leave a message; they hung up.  They must have called like five times, but they didn’t leave a message.  And then, around 12:30 that night, someone was knocking at my door.  They came to my house.”

“Who came to your house?”

“Two officers.”

“Holy shit,” I said.  “I guess they really needed to have those keys.”


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2 thoughts on “Day 13/365: Toe-Up Hand-Dyed Merino Wool Sock

  1. Want to try a new heel. Try the FISHLIPS KISS heel. It’s a really easy short row heel and not one with a heel flap. Thought you might want to look at it.


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