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Day 53/365: Beach Striped Socks (4th Completed Pair for 2015)

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A view of the Ventura Pier. That water is cold.

Today was overcast with sporadic rain, the kind of Sunday where you just stay inside and do things like read and knit and stay warm and dry.  At about 4:30 in the afternoon, Sean and I picked ourselves up off the couch and went down for a walk along the Promenade.


Meanwhile, Sean’s feet are nice and toasty in this 65-degree weather.

We didn’t have any real adventures, except on our way back home down a side street, when a little brown Chihuahua came running out of nowhere, yapping and barking and making a beeline for my ankles.  I thought it was going to sink its little teeth into me.  (As you’ve already probably figured out from this blog and my lifestyle, I don’t keep pets or children.  I can barely keep a plant alive.)  Luckily, the owner appeared and called for the dog to come back before any real damage could be done– to me or to the dog, depending on your perspective.


Interesting rock formation near the pier.


View from another angle. All I need now is a panoramic lens. And maybe a more expensive, professional camera.

I saved this photo for last.  If you click on it and look closely at the larger image, there’s a rainbow in the center of the photo, right above the pier.  It also occurred to me how much the colors of the socks work nicely with the overcast-day-at-the-beach thing going on here.  That’s some nice synchronicity.  Unlike me and the Chihuahua.



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