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Day 54/365: Monday Night Blues


Back in the Dark Ages when I used to be a middle school teacher, Sunday nights were the worst for me, especially if I’d had a really nice weekend.  I’d dread going back to work the next day, and I always slept poorly.  I called it having the Sunday night blues.

Now, with my current job at the prison, I always have Monday off, so I never get the Sunday night blues anymore.  Tonight, however, I think I am suffering a mild case of Monday night gloom.  I go back to work tomorrow after having been off these last five days.  With a little luck, the yard will be on lockdown and there won’t be any unexpected crises popping up to interrupt my catching-up with email and paperwork.

In the meantime, I started a new sock.  I purchased the yarn for half off at one of my favorite local independent yarn and fabric shops in Ventura.  The brand name of the yarn is Regia, and the label tells me that it is “made in Italy for Coats GmbH Germany,” which sort of puzzles me and raises all kinds of questions, but in the end, I think it would be best for all involved if I just keep knitting and not think about things too hard.



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2 thoughts on “Day 54/365: Monday Night Blues

  1. Gorgeous color way. Love the way it works up. I’m currently working on a lace scarf. I look forward to seeing how your socks turn out.

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