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Day 52/365: Luckily, Sean Has Big Feet

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Almost done with the second sock!

Yesterday I realized that I’d left my sock knitting instructions back at the Morro Bay house, and I was pretty bummed out about that.  Then, last night I remembered:  Those same instructions were typed on a Word document that I’d saved on my laptop.  Hooray!  (It doesn’t take much to make me happy, apparently.)  So I was able to knit the gusset, turn the heel, and start the ribbing for the cuff on the second sock this morning.

When I’m in Morro Bay, I just take photos for the blog by staging my work-in-progress on the back deck or front porch, usually.  Since I’m at the Ventura homestead this weekend, I had to get creative with my photo shoot locations.  I took the above photo by placing the socks on a low hedge outside.  I also tried photographing the in-progress sock on the sidewalk.  I like the way this one came out, so I have to share it:


See? Pretty, right?

I originally started knitting this pair for my older brother, who may or may not be reading this right now.  As I was knitting the second sock this morning, I had a feeling that this pair might be a little too big for my big bro.  So I asked Sean to try it on.  My brother wears a size 9 men’s shoe.  Sean wears a size 11.  He pulled the sock onto his foot, and it fit him perfectly:


This photo tells you a lot about us. Skateboard. Dolls. Books. And I’ll admit that mess on the floor is all me. I’m too busy being creative to bother with cleaning.

So it looks like Sean just got himself another pair of socks.  Tomorrow I’m making him be a sock model again. (Remember the first time?)  I’m thinking the Ventura Promenade will make a nice backdrop.  Stay tuned.




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