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Day 61/365: Working in Prison Has Ruined Movies for Me

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Sean and I were hanging out in the living room after dinner.  “I’m going to put on a Netflix movie,” he said.  “Do you have any preferences?”

“Not really,” I said.  I was knitting and wouldn’t be looking at the TV screen anyway.

He chose a movie called The History of Future Folk.  It had something to do with a guy who was an alien and landed on Earth with a mission to wipe out the human race, but then he heard music for the first time and changed his mind about obliterating the population.  I guess he decided to stay on Earth and met a woman, and they had a child, and somewhere in between he learned to play the banjo and played what were apparently popular nightly sets at a New York bar.

I sat there knitting my sock while the movie played out, and I didn’t make any comments or really start paying attention until there was a scene that involved the main characters going to jail.

I looked up at that point and stopped knitting.  I noticed something about all of the men who were supposedly arrested and were now incarcerated in the jail.

“None of them have tattoos!” I said.  “That’s so unrealistic.  That wouldn’t happen in real life.”

Really?” Sean said.  “That’s the part of this movie that you’re going to find unrealistic?”


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One thought on “Day 61/365: Working in Prison Has Ruined Movies for Me

  1. Love it! I so get that! My husband would come home from ministering at the local prison and tell me that some of the guys had gotten full sleeves or back work done since he saw them the week before! I was always amazed and wondered how on earth they managed it without someone catching them.

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