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Day 62/365: New Crocheted Afghan Project

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On Sunday I decided to put my newly upcycled shabby chic bureau in my craft room.  (By the way, that particular room will have its own little makeover this summer, so stay tuned for that!)  Of course, in order to make room for the bureau, I had to move a bunch of other stuff around, and this led to me sorting the yarn stash and realizing that I had accumulated an incredible amount of yarn that really needed to be put to good use.

It occurred to me that one way I could quickly use up some of the yarn would be to crochet an afghan and then donate it to charity or give it as a gift to someone who wanted it.  And truth be told, I was getting kind of bored with knitting socks.  So yesterday I pulled out the crochet hooks and started three different patterns of afghans.  One was a strawberry lace pattern, the second had a popcorn stitch design, and the third was a basic repeating pattern of single crochet and treble crochet.  I decided I didn’t like any of them and frogged each one (now I realize it would have made this post more interesting if I’d taken photos to share before taking them apart).  I knew I really wanted to make something with a shell stitch, and I went back to a pattern that I liked.

This whole crocheting experiment took up a good deal of my afternoon yesterday.  I’d set aside my work-in-progress sock, leaving it on the floor near the couch.  Naturally I forgot it was there and then stepped on it last night, breaking one of the wooden needles in half and effectively putting an end to any further knitting on that sock.

So it looks like I will be working on my new yellow afghan for a while, or at least until this weekend, when I get sick of it or finish it or my new KnitPicks needles arrive, whichever comes first.



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