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Day 90/365: On the Mend

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I spent most of today on the couch.  I drank cups of hot tea and crocheted a few more rows on the garnet afghan.  I played some old DVDs on the television, more for background noise than for any actual watching.  At around 5 PM, I realized I would need to leave the house and do some grocery shopping if I wanted to eat any meals for the rest of the week.  I put together a grocery list and walked out the front door for the first time all day.

I may have mentioned this before, but in case I hadn’t and you’re not aware of it:  Our house is situated in a neighborhood that is built on the side of a steep hill.  It makes for good exercise when you’re walking to and from downtown.  It’s also a lot of fun when you’re riding your bike and coasting downhill (but not so much when you’re trying to pedal your way back up).


This is a photo that I took about two months ago.  Sean and I were walking home from downtown, and I wanted visual proof that it is a damn steep hill.


That yellow fire hydrant is where you would turn onto our street. Don’t you feel out of breath, just looking at this climb? I know I was.

I do know that I’ve mentioned before that Sean and I enjoy skateboarding.  And that is the second thing you need to know, in order to understand the significance of the following text exchange between me and Sean (who is currently down at the Ventura homestead while I’m up here at the Morro Bay house).  Because on my way home from the grocery store, I stopped to take a photo and send it to him.  He responded within a few minutes.

Me:  Newly paved!


Sean:  WOW!


I definitely need to get well soon.


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