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Day 161/365: Quilt Top of 28-Year-Old Blocks, Done!


As you know from my last few posts, my mom has been visiting from out of town, and I’ve been putting together for her a project that she started back in 1987.

I bought a yard and a half of the yellow cotton.  I was able to cut enough rectangular strips, but then I didn’t have quite enough for the squares.  The bummer is that I would have had exactly enough fabric if only I’d been a lot more careful with my measuring before slicing away with the rotary cutter.


Arranging the placement of blocks on the sunroom floor.

Luckily, I had remnants from another yellow cotton print and was able to use that fabric to fill in for the squares.


I sewed each horizontal row into a long strip and then sewed the strips to each other.  I tried my best to match up the corners.  (When my mom started this project 28 years ago, she used scissors and not a rotary cutter to cut each blue square, so they weren’t all exactly the same size.)


You can see where I used a different yellow fabric for the squares, but I think it turned out looking nicer that way.

I finished sewing together the strips and– Ta-da!  Completed quilt top.




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2 thoughts on “Day 161/365: Quilt Top of 28-Year-Old Blocks, Done!

  1. I love that feeling of satisfaction from a completed quilt top! The different yellow squares look really nice in there too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! And it IS so satisfying to have a completed quilt top. It got me feeling inspired to sew together another quilt top.


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