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Day 189/365: The Pumpkin Socks, Formerly Known as The Orange Socks

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Remember the orange socks that I’d been knitting for my cousin?


These are the same socks that posed with the pumpkin plants in a couple of earlier blog posts, so now I think of these socks as The Pumpkin Socks.


I finished them a few days ago and kept meaning to take better photos so that they could have their own blog entry.


I finally got around to taking those photos today.


They’ve been down to L.A. for a Los Angeles Galaxy game…


…and back to Ventura and then Morro Bay.


For a pair of socks that have yet to be worn, they’ve certainly covered a lot of mileage.



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One thought on “Day 189/365: The Pumpkin Socks, Formerly Known as The Orange Socks

  1. I already love them! Thank You! No kidding …. it’s already done some travelling but hasn’t been worn yet. I enjoy all the pictures you post as well as reading your blogs and my fave on this one is the biker gnome with your karabasa plant! 🙂
    I am so excited for my first pair of personally made socks! Can’t wait to put them on!

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