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Day 223/365: The Monday Before My Friday


This week I’m only working two 10-hour days because we’ll be flying to Florida on Thursday.  Yesterday was my regular day off, today was my Monday, and tomorrow is my Friday.  I stayed late at work today because I’m essentially cramming in a week’s worth of work in two days.

I have, however, found a new way to decompress and relax after spending all day in the state penitentiary.  I color in a coloring book.  Have you heard of these new coloring books for adults?  I purchased mine last month at a local bookstore in Morro Bay and have been quietly filling in portions of pages, a little at a time.  I thought about bringing it along on Thursday to pass the time at the airport and on the plane, but I may feel too self-conscious coloring in public.  Knitting, on the other hand, I could do easily and not care if anyone stared at me.



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10 thoughts on “Day 223/365: The Monday Before My Friday

  1. I just got a colouring book too! However it takes quite a long time to finish filling in a page. It has been resting on my bookshelf since last week:)

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  2. I have a coloring book too that is untouched. I’m wondering if I should use regular coloring pencils or watercolor.

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  4. I love love this book! I have about 3 of them and the small one too 🙂 great for relaxing the mind. Hope you have fun with it!

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  5. How do you use watercolour pencils on the book? Do I have to dip the tips of the pencils in water then colour or do I have to colour first then use a thin brush to go over the colours?

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    • I actually don’t use watercolor pencils– I use plain colored pencils. However, if I were to use the watercolor pencils, I think I would color first and then use a wet brush to dilute the colors and give it a watercolor effect. I would love to see how yours turn out! Share photos if you can.

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      • Thank you:) Sure I’ll share the photos when I have finished. Might take a long time 😀 I will let you know first thing when I’m done:)

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