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Day 71/365: Shell Stitches Close-Up

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Today was my Friday at work.  I’m taking tomorrow off because I’ll be driving down to Ventura, and then Sean and I will head into Los Angeles.  He’s giving a presentation at a conference on Saturday.  After that, we have plans to do a bunch of fun stuff in L.A., including eating at a couple of really good restaurants, checking out some cool Japanese shops in Little Tokyo, and going to the Japanese American National Museum to see an exhibition called Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty.  (Doesn’t the name alone just make you want to see it?)  Sean is in charge of getting the tickets, and if he actually pulls it off and takes me there, he is going to win my Husband of The Year award.  He knows my love for all things kawaii.

I told my buddy the lieutenant (who was a key character in this post and this one) that I would be taking tomorrow off.

“Didn’t you just take the day off?” he asked.

I thought about it.  “You’re right,” I said.  Three weeks ago, I did take a couple of days off.  And the nice thing about having written a daily entry since January is that I can go back in the archives to see what I did on those days.  Turns out it was this and this.

“I had a seminar that time,” I said.  “And I’m going to a conference this time.  My license is up for renewal this year.  I have to earn 36 continuing education units.  Don’t worry.  I get some paid education leave.”

“I knew it,” he said.  “I shoulda stayed in school.”




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