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Day 241/365: The Florida Trip Sock #2 Gets Its Heel


Today I finally sat down with the second sock and carefully followed the fish lips kiss heel instructions that Aunt Georgia emailed me.  Shortly after I finished the heel and had worked my way to knitting in the round again, it was time to pack up so that Sean and I could make the drive back down to Ventura.  This time I drove, so this is how far I’ve gotten on the sock.  Tomorrow morning we are getting up early to run 8 miles for half marathon training, and then I’ll have the rest of the day to continue this sock.



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2 thoughts on “Day 241/365: The Florida Trip Sock #2 Gets Its Heel

  1. I bought the fish kiss heel pattern this week to have a look at it… I haven’t done it yet though, I’m in the middle of knitting ordinary socks 🙂 do you use the magic loop? Good luck with your run! 🙂

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