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Day 325/365: The Unfinished Sweater

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Okay, I’ll be honest:  I got bored after crocheting a few more rows on the Coast Ripple afghan.  So I set that aside and looked at what else remained in the WIP pile.

There was this:


This is a knitted top-down sweater that I started about two years ago.  The yarn is Berrocco Lustra, 50% Peruvian wool and 50% Tencel Lyocell.


As you can see, it’s missing an arm, a neckline, the rest of the body,


and a cuff.


I think I might accomplish finishing one cuff today.


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One thought on “Day 325/365: The Unfinished Sweater

  1. This is the benefit to having multiple WiPs. You can jump from one to another as the mood hits. (Not that I’m trying to discourage you from finishing any of them 😀 ) This yarn is beautiful.

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